IF I SET UP A PAYPAL would anyone actually be interested in purchasing custom tattoo designs from me?

Did some henna today

Collaboration with my love. Photograph, ink & Copic marker

Photograph, ink & Copic marker. Colab w/ Delaney Royer Photography

Ink, photograph & Copic marker
Collab w/ Delaney Royer

Ink & photograph

Ink & photograph

Ink, photograph & Copic markers

Worlds in Her Mind
Photograph, ink & color pencil

"Are You Projecting?"
Ink & Copic markers

Ink, freehand doodle

Sunrise & hair. Photograph

Dyed my hair again! Roots—>blonde—>green—>turquoise—>blue—>purple. This time I used Splat along with Manic Panic.

Collage (magazines & newspapers)

Graphite sketches